Wildlife Management

Wildlife Management

Farmers in Maryland continually struggle to manage wildlife populations that result in extensive crop damage and economic loss each year.

According to numbers from 2011, deer damage effects Maryland agriculture to the tune of $10 million annually in crop losses, in addition to more than $400,000 spent on preventative measures. It’s no mystery that those numbers have increased since that time and significant damage is being done to crops across the state.

Maryland Farm Bureau has been working in partnership with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to address increased crop loss from deer. The Deer Cooperator Permit (DCP) was born out of those discussions to meet the needs of both famers and DNR. The Agriculture DCP was rolled out at a workshop hosted by Maryland Farm Bureau. 

Even with additional tools in the toolbox like the DCP, farmers are still struggling to mitigate wildlife damage to crops and personal property.

Maryland Farm Bureau supports increased and expanded measures to manage nuisance wildlife on agricultural lands.

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