Fall Webinar Series


MDFB Webinar: Agrivoltaics: Maximizing Farm Viability with Solar and Agriculture

This informative webinar features speakers from the Maryland Farm Bureau, American Farmland Trust, Lightstar Renewables, and agrivoltaic farmers themselves. The featured farmers include Nick Armentrout, who is a small farm owner in Maine and is an American Solar Grazing Association board member, and Byron Kominek of Jack’s Solar Garden. As solar grows, Maryland is facing a nexus of federal funding, state policy, and development pressures – pursuing clean energy goals and responsible solar siting must go hand in hand. These speakers discuss the emerging field of agrivoltaics, where solar energy and agriculture coexist.

In this webinar, we will introduce the concept of agrivoltaics, how it works, and how it can benefit farmers. We will also hear more about the importance of Smart Solar principles, written by the American Farmland Trust, and how “AgPV” can support farm viability if done correctly. Finally, this webinar features two farmers sharing their AgPV stories – including solar grazing and market crop case studies.


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