In light of the coronavirus and public health concerns, our annual banquet has been canceled.

On March 20th, Dorchester County Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee celebrated National Ag Day by encouraging teachers to promote the agriculture industry in their classrooms.

The committee provided several suggestions to incorporate agriculture into teacher’s everyday activities. These included reading a book and discussing where food ingredients came from, teaching animal vocabulary, and/or writing a thank you note to a local farmer.

In support of National Ag Day, Women’s Committee members also shared their willingness to visit classrooms in the upcoming weeks to read  a new book, See What We Eat. The book follows a group students on a field trip to discover that their food all comes from a farm. Follow-up activities encourage healthy eating while identifying foods from various food groups. A copy of the book will be donated to the classroom teacher or media center.

To get more information or ask for a volunteer Farm Bureau member reader, contact Valerie Brinsfield at or 410-726-3367.

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