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Kara Hutchison

“As the 4th generation on my family farm, I have developed a true passion for agriculture. I am the President of the Chapel District 4-H club and the Easton FFA chapter. I show market hogs, dairy cows, and rabbits.”




All About Farm Bureau

By: Kara Hutchison

Farm Bureau is an agricultural organization that strives to advocate for farmers on the county, state, and national levels of our government, not only through words, but with deeds too. On the county level, Farm Bureau members work hand-in-hand to benefit one another. On the state level, members discuss new policy to determine how they shall support or oppose new
regulation. Nationally, the American Farm Bureau Federation works to help all agriculture, in every state, be it’s best by lobbying for federal legislation to support the agricultural industry.

County Farm Bureaus work to educate county officials about issues and problems within the local agricultural industry and how they can fix it. Another thing county Farm Bureaus do is support the youth by giving scholarships or making donations to their fundraisers. Each county Farm Bureau has a Miss and a Young Farmers committee to represent the county through various competitions by showing their agricultural knowledge. The Young Farmers committee and the Miss Farm Bureau program teaches the younger generation of agriculturalist to believe in the power of bargaining and life abundance.

State Farm Bureau works alongside the county Farm Bureau and various commodity boards to increase farm income, improve quality of life for farm families, and educate the public about the agricultural industry. The state Farm Bureau takes the issues of the counties and creates policies at the annual state Farm Bureau Convention, to guide legislators on whether to support
or oppose proposed regulations that go into state legislation. Farm Bureau uses the democratic process to determine what goes into policy.

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) is a non-profit organization run by farmers and ranchers to better the economic well-being of all American farm families. The AFBF will lobby and AG-vocate to our national legislators about issues facing the American agricultural industry and how certain legislation may make these issues better or worse. The AFBF also strives to create higher quality agricultural education so that the citizens of the United States are informed about American farmers and ranchers and how they produce quality products for this country.

Farm Bureau gives a strong voice to farmers and ranchers at multiple levels to ensure the pursuit of happiness, increased income, and improved well-being. Farm Bureau also supports America’s future agriculturalists by giving youth scholarships so they can pursue an agricultural education and in turn AG-vocate for American agriculture in order to educate citizens about what
agriculture is really about. Farm Bureau is the reason that American agriculture holds true to the best traditions of our national life.

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