Maryland Farm Bureau Dairy Bar

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Welcome to the dairy bar!

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about Maryland’s dairy industry and how these  hardworking farmers bring you all of this delicious ice cream. Grab a scoop of ice cream and enjoy.

Dairy Bar ice cream comes from milk produced by Maryland cows. You can buy Maryland ice cream at more than 25 creameries across the state.

Enjoy the Ice Cream Trail! | Maryland’s Best 

Maryland’s 320 dairy farms produced over 100 million gallons of milk in 2021. Watch how one Maryland farmer turns milk into ice cream.

Chuck the Ice Cream Farmer | YouTube 

There are nearly 100 farm markets in Maryland that sell food direct to consumers. Find a market near you.

Buy Local at Maryland Farmers’ Markets | 

Ninety-six percent of Maryland farms are family owned. Check out Emmy award-winning television shows to find out how food is grown in Maryland.

Maryland Farm & Harvest Current Season | 

There are more than 80,000 farms in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Well-managed farms can protect water quality. See how a dairy farmer uses manure to grow crops while safeguarding the Bay.

Chesapeake Bay Watershed: Cow Comfort Inn Dairy | YouTube 

Maryland Farm Bureau works to protect and grow Maryland agriculture and preserve rural life. Learn more about this dynamic group.

Maryland Farm Bureau – The Voice of Maryland Agriculture | 

We hope that you loved your Dairy Bar ice cream at the Maryland State Fair and learned a little bit more about our state’s vibrant agriculture.

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