MFB to Partner
with MJM Global Insurance Brokerage Group

Enables access to healthcare coverage with immediate savings via simple enrollment

January 15, 2020 Maryland Farm Bureau announced today it is partnering with MJM Global Insurance Brokerage Group to equip members with a new benefit of accessing healthcare coverage options. This additional benefit will enable members to reduce their healthcare costs, as well as provide better healthcare coverage for themselves, their families, and their employees.

“We continue to hear from many of our members about the rising cost of healthcare coverage and the lack of options or control,” Wayne Stafford, Maryland Farm Bureau President said. “We are offering this new member benefit as an option for members to compare and contrast what we can provide – an 8-12% reduction in healthcare coverage – versus what is available from other comparable private or government-run healthcare exchanges.”

“I am confident that offering the ability to access healthcare coverage via will enable MJM to provide unprecedented service levels, at below Affordable Care Act plan costs,” Rick Reiman, Vice President of MJM Global Insurance stated., the marketplace launched by MJM Global, uses the collective purchasing power of Farm Bureau® to reduce healthcare premiums, while maintaining flexibility in plan design and provider. This benefit enables members to take control of their true healthcare costs. Bundled with the coverage at no additional cost is Prosper Benefits, a suite of non-insurance benefits including Health Advocacy, Medical Bill Saver, Telemedicine and Confidential Counseling.

”Since the signing of the Affordable Care Act, group health insurance plans have increased at over three times the rate of general inflation. Ninety-seven percent of Americans do not know what their insurance covers, and the process of shopping for and enrolling in coverage remains a significant burden to employers and employees. Farm Bureau® and MJM Global have made significant movement to help resolve that situation,” Reiman added.

MJM Global Insurance Brokerage Group is rich in family tradition, spanning three generations over seventy years, providing reliable insurance for all types of commercial and personal risk to the jewelry industry. They launched to help Maryland Farm Bureau members find immediate and significant savings on one of the largest expenses incurred by families and small businesses today, in addition to turning an otherwise complicated health insurance buying process into an easy to use system. 



Maryland Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization that serves as the united voice of Maryland farm families. Maryland Farm Bureau’s organizational strength comes from the active participation of over 16,000 individual and family members who belong to the state’s 23 county Farm Bureaus. Since 1915, Maryland Farm Bureau has been committed to promoting and protecting Maryland agriculture and rural life. Maryland Farm Bureau is a proud member of the American Farm Bureau Federation. For more information, visit

MJM Global, a proud member of the Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA) and the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA), serves the needs of more than 3,000 businesses, professionals and households throughout the United States and abroad. MJM works diligently to innovate the most effective ways to manage all aspects of the total cost of risk and provide reliable insurance for all types of commercial and personal risk. For more information, visit

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