Farm Bureau HealthCare

Farm Bureau HealthCare

Maryland Farm Bureau®  has partnered with MyHealthily to enable us to offer a member benefit that provides access to improved healthcare coverage options for our members, their employees, and their families. 

Maryland family farms and the small business community continue to struggle to find healthcare solutions that meet their unique needs. The healthcare coverage industry is fundamentally broken and the ACA exchange does nothing to help small business owners understand how to get the best ROI from their plan, nor are they educated about how to lower their costs throughout the year. 

After much research and discussion, we have partnered with MyHealthily to launch, a new healthcare coverage marketplace specifically designed for members of the Maryland Farm Bureau. At, you will find a myriad of solutions for any farm or business owner. They have traditional options as well as some alternative solutions that generally lead to savings of 30%. They also have something you can offer your part-time or seasonal employees. They are truly the world’s first comprehensive solution for associations and the small businesses they serve. Unlike ACA Exchanges, enrollment is available at any time, simply access this benefit via where you can shop online for your preferred deductible, provider, network, or effective date. Gone are the days are just speaking to your broker once a year to pick the least bad plan (that costs more money) for you and your employees. Also gone are the days of painstaking enrollment processes with and MyHealthily’s technology everything is easy and seamless. 

Individual Coverage:

Coverage for families and individuals is available outside the ACA marketplace. has partnered with groundbreaking companies that are changing the individual healthcare industry along with traditional carriers to ensure the coverage you need is available. 

Group Coverage: 

Look at the options available through, there are traditional plans and alternative options (that could lead to 15-30% savings). Licensed advisors are available to help find the plan that best suits your team. They are also available to help understand coverage and assist with any healthcare coverage need or question. 

Prosper Benefits:

Prosper Benefits, a suite of non-insurance benefits include: Telehealth, Medical Bill Saver, Health Advocacy, and Work/Life Care Management. Prosper Benefits can be used 24/7 with $0 co-pay, saving time and money. This suite is included in every plan at and can be purchased as a standalone benefit for part-time employees. Prosper Benefits also cover parents and in-laws of the enrollee ensuring healthcare coverage is more accessible for all. 

An additional benefit for all Maryland Farm Bureau members is Clever Rx. Download Clever Rx (even if you are not obtaining coverage through FBHC) on your smart device to save on prescription medication. Download and start saving upwards of 80% on prescriptions for your entire family, pets included! has a plan for every Farm Bureau member’s needs and one-on-one consultations with licensed advisors to ensure all your healthcare coverage questions are answered. To begin exploring this member benefit, visit or call 1-888-272-1513. The use of this benefit is contingent upon membership verification in the Maryland Farm Bureau. To join or renew your Farm Bureau membership, visit  

If you would like more information about or to connect with Nick Shirman our Association Manager, he is available via email at Nick will ensure you reach the right person for your need and assist in finding answers to all your healthcare coverage questions. He is helping to fix the broken industry that is healthcare coverage. 

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